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A newer Section 8 program begun in the late 90s and becoming more widespread in the 2000s is the ability to use a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher to help pay for mortgage payments for first-time homebuyers.

Not all local Public Housing Authorities allow their voucher programs to be used for homeownership, but they must allow it if it is necessary for reasonable accomodation for the elderly and people with disabilities. Additionally, many local Public Housing Authorities apply additional conditions to using Section 8 Vouchers for homeownership in addition to the federal guidelines.

Federal guidelines for using Section 8 Vouchers for homeownership are more stringent than those for using Section 8 Vouchers to rent.

First, two Housing Quality Standards inspections are required to determine that the home is not of substandard quality. One inspection is done by a Public Housing Authority selected inspector, and the other is done by a family-selected inspector.

Homeownership also has income and employment requirements. At least one adult in the household must be and have been employed for at least one year in full-time employment and the annual income of the family must be greater than 2000 multiplied by the federal minimum wage. The family must also attend homeownership and housing conseling programs through their local Public Housing Authority. Additionally, subsidies for homeownership are limited to 15 years on 20+ year mortgages, and 10 years on mortgage less than 20 years.

Like in all Section 8 programs, the requirements for homeownership vouchers are different for the disabled and elderly, and are generally more flexible, particularly if homeownership is a necessary accommodation for a disability. is an informational and advice site designed to help consumers with the Section 8 housing program.  Privacy Policy